Showing emotions for boys

“Does showing emotions make you a wimp?” – something I asked one of my guy friends who I’ve know for a long long time.


Why is it that guys are pressured to be this strong figure who is suppose to break girls hearts and make them feel worthless? Why is it expected of a guy to ignore a girl after sex? Why is it that a guy will be ridiculed for treating a girl with respect? Why is that guys are teased for taking a girl on a “date”. Why should a guy be entitled to “get some” just because he’s been nice to you for a week or because he gave you a genuine compliment? It has become so messed up between girls and boys that we can’t be ourselves with the opposite gender without the fear of being called “over-emotional”, a “freak”, being claimed we have “too much baggage”. It has gotten to the point where a #wcw on social media is the sweetest thing a guy can do for you. Why is it that we can’t show our feelings or who we really are because we are too afraid of what other people say. A guy showing emotions doesn’t happen unless you have been dating him for a long time. The most common emotion I have seen from guys is anger/agression. There is something so wrong with the way teenage guys are seen today to where they feel they have to feel nothing or else they are weak. There’s something truly scary about this. I would want a guy to be able to feel he can be open and honest with me about anything. Opening up to anyone is hard but guys can’t even express emotions until they are pushed to their breaking point. Showing emotions doesn’t make you a wimp, it makes you a human being.

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