I never would’ve thought that I could be as happy as I am right now.

I never would’ve thought that I could be so happy! I just feel calm and content with life. I feel stronger in a way. Getting rid of all the toxic people in my life like renn and catherine mckee has just opened up so much space for hapiness. Getting over stupid things I was self concious about like the way I re-adjust my hair or lick my lips has made room for more things to be confident about, like my self control. Cleaning out my room to get rid of the old messy unorginazed mess that felt like my life has just made me feel so clean and neat. Slowly getting back into working out has put my endorphins rate way up and I love it!!! Slowly gaining my confidence and self worth back just feels so good. Instead of having the need to talk to a boy or have one constantly at my fingertips I have put that effort into my friends and family. Just taking longer showers makes me feel better. I am finally taking care of myself before anyone else. Yes that is incredibly selfish but I am allowed to be selfish. I had 4 years of my life taken away from me because of my diease and now I finally feel like I have control and I am not going to waste a moment of that. I just feel so new. So happy and content and clean. I have never felt healthier, more confident, or more impowered and i am taking in every moment of it. 

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