“Oh, screw beautiful. I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.” – Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

When I was a little girl my favorite princess was belle. Why? Well because she was the smartest out of all the princesses. She always had her head buried in a book and shrugged off muscular douchebags who hit on her. She refused to listen to critism from the basic blonde brainless girls who shouted nasty comments about her father and her at her. She just kept reading. I used to imagine I was belle and I was studying and reading for college to become a news anchor. Belle put brains before beauty and understood that someone’s character is worth more than their good looks. It’s easier to fall in love with someone’s looks instead of taking the time to get to know their brain and heart. 

Beautiful is loosing it’s meaning more and more each day. Boys will call girls beautiful with alliterative motives while girls only say this to their friends. Beautiful shouldnt only be an adjective for looks but an adjective for the untangleable things in life. Like the feeling you get when your riding your bike down a huge hill and the wind is whipping around you forming a tunnel and your hair is chasing you and you finally lift your feet off the pedals and just yell because youre so moved by the overwhelming sense of freedom. that is a beautiful moment because youve let go of everything in life and are just a small part of the universe. you are happy. that’s beautiful. 

Beautiful is something to be cherished. Beautiful to me should be saved and cherished and used on certain occasions. Like when a husband cries when his wife is walking down the alise. the husband to be is so overwhelmed with joy and love and that is truly beautiful. or when your friend just sets aside time for you to just talk and bond and you leave feeling safe and happy and light that is a beautiful moment. 

Instead of only looking at people for their looks maybe we should look more at their character and who they are. Dig deeper below the surface of just looks to see who a person truly is, what their heart is made of, what has shaped them to be the person they are today. Maybe beautiful should be used sparingly because it is not just a common adjective because it can mean so much more. The feeling I get when i help someone or play/teach with special needs kids is beautiful because I am so overcome with joy and love and patience that it could bring me to my knees. That’s beautiful. Not just a pretty face with makeup but a heart with so much joy, love, patience, and the acknowlegment of being blessed is beautiful. 


Beautiful is a heart filled with joy, compassion, patience, love, understanding, honesty, and loyalty and people who have that inside them are beautiful. 

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