Exam Day!!!

Well I took 3 exams today and I really hope they all are at least B’s or passing. I feel really confident about the history and physics exam… probably because I studied. It meant alot to me that Ashley picked me up to give me a sugar/study break. It really helps me when I can give advice to people because I feel like my struggle wasnt just for me. I feel like I can use it to help other people. I just am really glad to have her as a best friend even if we tend to drift during the school year. I just really love her and I really hope that one day she sees how wonderful and how worthy she really is. It takes a long time and Im not even there yet. Hopefully I will be but Im getting there. There is something about exams that make me so anxious. Maybe it’s the whole thought of if I fail I cant get into UT and become a teacher. I have been wearing UT shirts straight for two weeks. I really hope I get into UT. That would mean the world to me. Hopefully special education really is my calling and God just shows the way for me to go to UT school of Education adn later on become a Special Educations teacher at CHS. That just seems like the right fit for me. I can see myself going to UT and becoming a Special Educations teacher. I feel so peaceful and like I’ve found my purpose in life when I work with special needs kids. I just really hope all my exams went as well as I hope!!! 

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