List of what I want to do before I die

  • swim with the sharks
  • get an appartment with my friend
  • go on a roadtrip with my best friends
  • graduate from college and high school
  • become a special educations teacher
  • get a tattoo with meaning
  • get my belly button pierced
  • get my ears pierced alot
  • learn how to ride a unicycle
  • learn how to play the ukelala
  • win a hula hoop contest
  • win something important
  • write a book
  • have 3 boys and 1 girl
  • get married
  • swim with the dolphins
  • go on a jetski
  • skydive
  • get an exotic pet like a starfish
  • get a cat
  • get a big house with a huge kitchen so i can cook for my family
  • be happy
  • learn to love myself
  • make a difference in someones life
  • get over my fear of dogs
  • go bungee jumping
  • dye my hair
  • makeout with random guys at concerts
  • learn how to make jewlery
  • learn how to knit
  • sing karaoke at a karaoke bar
  • do something crazy and wild like idk
  • decorate my room the way I WANT it
  • do something for me and only me
  • learn to be happy
  • journal
  • take pictures
  • travel around the usa
  • go to mexico
  • get a fake id
  • fall in love
  • realize that love isnt what i think it is. that its better
  • just soak in life and be happy and love and laugh and live and be joyous
  • make a difference in someones life
  • travel to africa to help with educating kids
  • fight for soemthing i believe in

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