its strange how the three of us can be more honest here

i mean we can talk about it but its hard. we never know how to form the words. thats why writing is easier. i can say what i want to say to you without saying it directly to you. sometimes i just wish we could get away like go on a boat or camping and just talk and bond and have heart to hearts. honestly that would help. but sometimes i feel out of it with y’all. you’re both close and have more memories and the boyfriends and the boys wanting you and everything and i just don’t. i feel like I’m trying to fit in sometimes. i just wish i was pretty and boys wanted me and i had boyfriends stories but all i have are boys asking me to blow them and me saying yes. sometimes i just wish i was like y’all so i wouldn’t feel out of place with my best friends. it sounds so stupid bc i know y’all love me but i just feel like a third wheel sometimes

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