a slam poem about how i went to get money at an ATM at austin

I traveled down to austin on a nice family vacation 

until i stood at the ATM and you seeing me as a lamb and you started predation

you opened your mouth and out spilled dirt 

you judged me based on how my boobs fit in my shirt

you harassed me because my shorts didn’t reach my fingertips

you must have painted poison all over your lips

you assumed i was something that could be bought

i was 14 were you wanting to take a mug shot

you called me a tease 

then asked for me to do sexual favors for you pretty please

showing me your filthy cash   

blocking me so i couldn’t make a mad dash

i spit in your face 

and kneed you in your special place

i ran into the shop where my mom 

and inside me was an atomic bomb

full of anger, disgust, and rage

you assumed i was a prositute at such a young age

I was not a human to you

but another animal like you would find at the zoo

you shouted digest at me as i ran away 

and my eyes were opened to how women are prey.

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