Wanted (book #1 of wanted series)

So far i am only on page 333 and i have fallen in love. Gunner is such a gentlemen trying to show Ellie that she is worth so much and wanted by him. its amazing to read how Gunner wants to protect her and make her happy no matter what and how even though he does want her physically he knows she’s not ready and he’s waiting for her and its just so insane to read a boy falling head over heels for a girl even though she may be a little “emotionally damaged”. idk it gives me hope that a cowboys will come and sweep me off my feet and make me as happy as gunner makes ellie. i can relate to ellie thinking she’s never wanted or worth anything but i love how gunner is making her feel so special and loved and i want that. i think its worth waiting for. every time i read this book i remember that true love is worth waiting for. i want to experience all kinds of firsts with the guy who i love and who loves me. i want to have our first kiss and first date and first fight and first makeup and first kid and first house and first car and etc. i just really think that its worth waiting for and that a guy will come and fall head over heels for me and want to treat me like gunner treats ellie. I’m gonna wait for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet and open the car door for me and bring me flowers and just be what I’ve been longing and waiting for. and when i meet him that just is going to be so incredible and i can’t put it in words! I’m so excited!!

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