i feel like a hurt puppy dog

I’ve been trying to do everything right. I’ve been exercising, and listening more, and trying to keep my mouth shut, and being polite, and getting along with my brothers, and trying to be the perfect daughter and a good friend and all i get is yelled at when i try to help you. sorry i never know the full story because you don’t tell it to me and i don’t want to push you because all that does is push me out more. i try to help my mom and i get yelled at. i try to help my dad and i get yelled at. i try to help my parents marriage and i get yelled at. at least they both like yelling at me… and maybe i guess you will too… as long as it helps. i guess I’m just an easy punching bag. micheal likes to actually punch me and my parents yell and zachary decided I’m too uncool to hangout with him and boys use me as a sexual toy and i guess my best friend can use me to let out her anger. i guess i should really stop thinking that ill be happy and treated right one day because it always goes back to me having nobody but kearin and god bless kearin for being the rock in my life because i would be lost without her. I’m just really tired of being beaten down. i just don’t know how to fix it.

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