never again

renn you cannot come into my life when i am better than the shape you left me in. you lost my trust the moment you started acting like you no longer cared. you lost out on me and being apart of my recovery when you told me that it was “bullshit and was taking too long”. you ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COME INTO MY LIFE WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT AND THINK THAT THINGS WILL PICK UP WHERE THEY LEFT OFF. thats not how it works and i will NEVER trust you again. ever. because i wouldn’t want to talk about my problems with you anyways because that would be begging for attention and thats bullshit according to you. i guess i put up such a good act that I’m happy that you believed it and wanted back in my life. never again. i don’t trust the nice boys anymore because of you. and the plot twist is that you turned out to be EVERYTHING THAT YOU SHAMED ME AND TOLD ME THAT I SHOULDNT BE. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A COWARD, A LIAR, AND AN ASSHOLE. IM SORRY BUT IF YOU DONT FIGHT THE BATTLE WITH ME THEN YOU SURE AS HELL DONT GET TO CELEBRATE WITH ME SO GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A GIANT ASS CACTUS. never again will i trust you. i forgave you but i certainly wont forget nor will i let my guard down for you. and “alright I get it I’m sorry” is a poor piss way to apologize. i get it?! really i know that means you just want me to drop it and forget it. man up and face the reality that you’re not a good guy but a shit person. a complete shit person. and you have to live with that forever. you made your bed and now you have to lie in it.

you are a shit person. a complete shit person. I’m disgusted by you and your actions. man up and face that you’re shit.

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