dear future husband,

on 7/22/14 i accepted christ into my heart and life. i was at pine cove and had an amazing spiritual experience and i had never felt happier or more loved at pine cove than in my whole life. but now that I’m home i feel like that is gone. i feel lonely. i need you to know how lonely I’ve been for my life. and how I’m waiting for you and how I’m trying to be strong right now knowing that you’re out there. but right now i feel like crying because i feel so alone and unloved. please know that I’ve prayed and I’m listening to christian music but i feel so alone. and i know the devil is trying to win by replaying the lies that ill never be enough for you or that ill never be loved and god showed me loved this week at pine cove but just know how weak and lonely i feel right now but how I’m staying strong for you. remember how I’m fighting for you

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