They tell you to say no to drugs

They tell you to say no to everything thats helping me cope with losing you.
What they didn’t tell me is to say no to the boy with the sweet words that drew me in
That the words spilling out of your full pink lips were going to be the death of me
They stood up in front of me telling me how all these substances would ruin my life but little did they know that i was hooked on you
that you were controlling my life
Your big brown eyes looked at mine and told me the words my aching heart had been craving to hear
and that was more powerful than any line of cocaine or drug known to man. 
That sex didn’t make me fall in love with you but your sweet words did.
They talked about a heroin addict hitting rock bottom and sticking flithy needles in their arms 
but you made me the same way. 
I hit rock bottom and your words were flithy used needles stuck in my skin
your words gave me a rush no drug ever could
i was instantly addicted on the high of being wanted
but like every tragic drug story i hit rock bottom
i broke into a trillion pieces looking for the glue to put me together
but you were no where to be found 
oh but darling your words were everywhere
and once they were out of my skin i saw how dirty they were
how many times they were used
how it was not clean and shiny and new
but how it had hurt other people
how the same poison called lust and love was injected into other girls
i picked up the pieces by myself and went into rehab
from an aching heart to one that was brought back to life only to be smashed
the only thing that could replace you was the drugs,
They tell you to say no to drugs
but they didn’t tell me to say no to the boy whose sweet words ruined me 

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