i poured my heart out to you 

as we sat in your heated truck
but you didn’t feel the same way
it was stormy and cold outside 
the rain was falling down on your window
like tears were falling down on my cheeks
i loved you
but you didn’t feel the same way
i open the door to your truck and go off running
each step slapping the pavement
my lungs stinging from the cold air desperately trying to get in
my hair and clothes sopping wet from the rain
my face drowned in tears
i look around and i don’t know where i am
im lost and i don’t even care
i sit on the sidewalk and tuck my head into my knees and cry
i cry and cry and cry
on that day i don’t know who cried more, me or the earth
i gave you my heart 
and you said you didn’t want it
my heart slipped out of my hands and shattered onto the floor
into a millón pieces
each hitting the ground like the rain and my tears mixed
and i realized how i was lost without you

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