on the couch merely centimeters away

“I’m cold” I say.
I walk over to the cabinet 
bending over knowing that your eyes were attracted to an ass like metal on a magnet
i walk back gleefully with a plan in my mind
you open your armed at such a perfect time
i settle right in with an oversized plush
something that would be sure to give you a little rush
i look up at you and smile 
you ask me “what” and my response comes after a while
i never said a word
but yet i made sure i was heard
i grabbed your face
and my lips found their place
your hands went on my chest 
and you pressed
my lips touched yours for a pure second of bliss
and that was our kiss
i went back but you pushed me again
my eyes were full of pain
“oh honey…..” was the only thing you could say
“oh honey…”
“honey…. oh oh honey….”
“oh honey….” 
you crack a smile but i don’t find this the least bit funny
for you rejected me but i knew what i was playing with
you had a girlfriend but i felt your pity in the pith
i needed that one taste
that would make me feel like i took a drink that was laced
i was on cloud nine until i felt nothing but air
when i opened my eyes i see your face, expressionless and bare.
i want to say sorry but I’m not sorry.
in fact my eyes were starry
i was happy until i felt that space 
the one that knew i was out of place
“im— im— im— im gonna be sick”
I run out and feel sick. 
I’ve really done it this time
I’m such slime
my heart aches with an overwhelming feeling of miss
all for a kiss
i lost my best friend for a simple few seconds of heaven 

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