you said i love you….

but then you decided I was a bore. 
so you left 
and i convicted you of theft. 
the theft of every vein, muscle, and bone of me
i wasn’t complete without you but you didn’t look back to see. 
in a puddle slowly turning into a great lake 
my tears drowned me as i began to shake.
i lost the one who i believed loved me
you had filled me with so much glee.
but your intention was the attention 
without giving the affection.
the moment i said i love you too
was the moment i lost you. 
for your attention need was fulfilled 
and your lust for me was killed
it took four words for me to lose my joy
i was just your little toy.
you got bored so you set me down
and went to choose another girl in a short gown
maybe she’ll leave you 
and you can feel the pain i am, leaving you to only trust a few
for your sincere act of i love you fooled me 
and i wore your baseball tee
crying my eyes out until i realized that
“a cruel man will get what he deserves” the world has a way of coming back 
for the girl you love will tear you apart 
and you’ll hold your bleeding heart 
wishing that something could take this pain away
and maybe you’ll feel my pain. 

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