all I feel is used 

your actions left me feeling abused. 

“shhh don’t tell anyone. nobody can ever know” 

I nodded because I cared for you so

“we can’t hangout in public or else people might think we are friends or more” 

I have to admit that one left my heart feeling sore 

your words cut into me like broken glass 

I should’ve seen then how you were just a giant ass 

horny and bored you used me 

I was broken didn’t you see

trying to find a feeling of love but mistaking it for lust 

but I was blind and it happened to be a bust 

feeling worse than before 

I gave you want you wanted but you kept asking for more 

I felt like you were using me but you reassured me you weren’t 

but you were and now I’m full of hurt 

your hands full of the worst intentions 

“oh and I got back together with my girlfriend! we were on a break I guess I forgot to mention” 

my gut dropped to the floor

I gave you what you wanted and more

my eyes filling up with tears that I couldn’t not hold 

I tried to be happy for you but this feeling was getting old

you used me I spat

I thought you were okay with that you said as I sat 

who would ever be okay with that 

well I thought you would be fine with that

I was starting to like you… you were different. you were nice… 

but you took my heart and did nothing but slice 

my emotions flooding everywhere 

this isn’t fair

I gave you what you wanted 

the idea of being left kept me haunted 

I fell to the floor in a heap 

my confidence started to seep

all I could mutter was I feel used

I was only something to keep you amused

and now I’m full of knowing I was used 

I’m now used 






I’m haunted by te fact that once again I was used 


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