In the life of a teenage feminist.

Here’s a little look into my daily life. Each day I go to college classes and focus on class, nothing happens, just learn about history and how women were property. I think about how far we’ve come and it’s not that far. yes we can choose our own husbands, we have the right to vote, but are women really and truly free? no. they are not sadly. We are still look down upon as property. Women have been upgraded in the way they are treated, instead of being treated like the Ebola diease we are treated like an entitlement. I go to school and I am constantly harassed by teenage boys in every single one of my classes. Do the teachers say a word about it? no. they don’t. they only say a word about anything when I respond back. This is an ongoing problem. Do i deserve to be told to quiet down when I am only standing up for myself? Is it okay for the teacher to sit back and be silent when my nickname is “big lexie” or “babe” or “sweet cheeks” (referring not to the cheeks on my face). Is it fair that when I try to stand up for myself I am told to either be quiet or go in the hall. No it’s not. But it repeats itself. All over the world women are silenced for standing up for themselves. We are constantly told no, be quiet, go back in the kitchen, or to not over react. Just once I would like to see a teacher not only say something to the harassing men for the future women in their lives but I would like to see a teacher support feminism. Feminsim is banished from schools. It is absurd to think about a shoulder showing in school. but yet it is okay for a teenage boy to pass around naked pictures of a girl and not get punished. God forbid I show below my collar bone but it is okay to constantly be reminded of the mistakes I have made with previous guys. I can’t focus on school because someone spread around that I was going to have a date saturday. I choose to put up with it and keep going forward but it beats me down daily. I am exhausted but my blood boils far too often not to say something. I am a teenage feminist constantly silenced and harassed and it is tiring but there is nothing I want to see more than a change in the way women are treated. Women should be respected. You think teenage boys with mothers, sister, grandmothers, wouldn’t look at women as an entitlement or a punching bag but sadly they do. It’s pathetic and there needs to be a change but I am silenced far too often to do anything about it. I am a teenage feminist and I feel like my voice has been taken from me.


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