time does not heal

’ve been told all my life that “time heals all wounds”

but that is not true.

the wound of losing you is still there

no matter how many minutes, hours, days, months, or years passes by.

the open bleeding wound stops bleeding after a while

then it closes over and turns into a scar.

but this scar is with me forever.

the wound is still there just closed over, forgotten about,

losing you has become less important over time.

but the pain of hearing the words, “I don’t love you anymore”

will always be with me,

it does not matter if I am a minute older or 70 years older

I will always feel the pain from hearing those words spill off your tongue.

I remember how rehearsed they sounded, like you had practiced them,

you made it seem like no big deal that you had my heart but i did not have yours,

and unfortunately that pain has not gone away

it has been a long time since I heard those words pour out of your mouth

the same mouth that kissed me with so much passion that it gave me life,

the same mouth that made me feel a love so warm that I thought my body would combust from the inside out

the same mouth that told me things sweeter than pure sugar

the same mouth that told me you would always be here for me

the same mouth i now despise, for love was not on your lips but poison

you built me up only to tear me down

you gained the light in my eyes

the love in my heart

and the innocence i had before you came

Time has not made this hurt any less

for i am constantly reminded of how you never truly loved me

and because of you I know that time heals nothing.


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